Does Your Receptionist Need Help Converting More Callers to Appointments?

Let’s face it.

Times have changed.

It’s way too competitive to be mediocre.

It’s also way too costly to attract a new patient so you can’t afford to lose them at the phone stage.

I’m sure you’re painfully aware of how difficult its gotten to convert prospective patients due to the insane amount of competition and information available.

This creates confusion and fickle prospective patients who know if they don’t like their experience with you on the phone, they can always call your competitors.

That means, you want to be better than your competitors, so they choose to book their consultation with you.

What Are Bad Phones Costing You?

Give yourself a half million raise this year without spending more money on advertising or adding more staff.

Just fix your phones.

When you lose only 1 caller per day that was worth $2K (on the low side)
and you multiply that out by 22 days per month and 12 months per year, it really adds up.

Does Your Coordinator Need Help Converting More Consultations to Paid Procedures?

How much is it worth to you to have your patient coordinator trained to convert 15%-30% more of your consultations? $200,000? $350,000? $700,000 per year?

If your coordinator is having trouble converting prospective patients to a booked procedure and is frustrated with their low conversion rate during consultations, they are not alone.

Lower conversion rates are affecting more and more cosmetic practices for all sorts of reasons.

Insane competition and choice of technology are two big ones.

It can be frustrating to put time, money and effort into advertising for new patients and get nothing back in return when they don’t say YES to a procedure

It can also be costly when they DON’T book…

The difference between a 25% conversion rate and a 65% conversion rate is many, many thousands of dollars. It can also be the difference between a 6- or 7- or even 8-figure cosmetic practice.

The reality is your efforts don’t count until the patient says YES and PAYS for your services, right?

So, how can your coordinator get more prospective patients to say YES rather than, “I need to think about it”?

*One staff person per account since we track their participation by their email, cell phone and login times.